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This particular subject can be likened to the chicken and egg argument. There are as many opinions regarding this rather thorny issue as there are protagonists. There are also no clear right and wrong answers, beauty definitely being in the eye of the beholder in this regard. Perhaps the best way to decide would be to join for a short guided tour of some of the industries finest and decide yourself.

I think it's appropriate to start this exercise by looking at a popular UK slots game with an intriguing name. Apocalypse Cow is a classic 3 reel, single payline game featuring some pretty zany artwork and sounds and a 500 coin top award. In keeping with its traditional looks, the game features standards such as nudge and hold functions and is a blast to play. Another fairly interesting title from Old Blighty is Cash 'n Curry. Featuring an Indian food theme and standard 3 reel single payline configuration, this fiery number has a fair number of nudge/hold and bonus features and a mouth-watering Curry Go Round top award of 500 coins. Both these games are Microgaming products.

Ocean Princess is another British game that gets a lot of online play. Although based on a 3 reel design, this game has one or two great features such as a hold function that allows you to spin 5 rows at once. This offers some interesting winning combination options and with the addition of wild symbols and attractive marine themed graphics this Playtech product deserves its popularity. Another member of Playtech's 3 reel multispin stable is the Tropic Reels game. With the same hold and spin feature as Ocean Princess, the game allows the player to hold two reels and have 5 simultaneous spins. With 23 winning combinations and a 2,500 coin top award on the Tiger symbol line-up, Tropic Reels is a sure bet.

We now leave the UK in our wake and head out across the Atlantic to the States where our search for online slots excellence turns up classic multi line games such as The Real Deal Slots. Based on a popular game show theme The Real deal is a 5 reel, 20 payline game with excellent graphics and sound. These and other features such as frequent bonuses and an awesome $100,000 top jackpot are, no doubt, major contributors to this games popularity.

For a traditional 5 reel, 20 line slots game with an African Savannah twist one should give Safari Slots a shot. With all the great features of multi line games, stunning animal graphics and loads of bonuses, wild symbols and scatter pays this is one trophy you don't want to miss. On the subject of trophies, the American Icon Slots game features enough platinum record potential to keep a dozen boy bands happy. This 5 reel 20 liner lets the player create a hit single right on screen and even awards a "recording contract" as a bonus feature.

There, I told you. No easy task. This is, of course, only a tiny selection of the hundreds of really great online slots games gracing sites across the world and by no means any help in sorting the best from the rest. For a more definitive look at the contenders visit and good luck to you!